Marcaser - rehabilitación de casa pequeña

Restoration and reforms in Cartagena and Murcia

We are a company of reforms and rehabilitation of facades in Murcia, Cartagena and La Manga. We are surrounded by a experienced team, suppliers and subcontractors specialize in rehabilitation and reforms that are mostly with us since our beginning.

Structural building restoration

First, we analyze in depth the state of conservation of the structure to determine what steps need to be undertaken. After this first action, we carry out the necessary measures to solve the problems identified in the previous analysis.

Rehabilitation of facades

We are experts in rehabilitation of facades. If your facade needs to be renovated we take care of the whole process, always using quality materials.

Roof repairing

If your roof suffer leaks or needs a repair we make the reform of the same to solve the existing problems.

Reforms of commercial spaces

If you are opening a new business and you need to adapt a space to your needs, we take care to make its reform meeting its expectations and with the flexibility required by your company.

Total or partial housing reforms

As a reform company, we handle everything you need to carry out your reform. We have an extensive experience in housing reform, which allows us to work with high quality standards and always thinking about your satisfaction.

Small reforms

We also perform minor repairs and restorations, such as repairing detached tiles, a socket repair, repair of your cistern, fix your blinds, pool maintenance…


Realizamos cualquier tipo de reforma o rehabilitación que requiera, ajustándonos siempre a sus necesidades.

Marcaser - vivienda familiar

Quality housing

Specialized in entire building homes with high quality and always meeting deadlines.


Marcaser - Decoración de sala de estar

Project designs

We perform all sorts of projects of integrated decoration, exterior and interior for both gene and businesses.


Marcaser - Obra pública frente al mar

Urbanization and public Works

We develop public works projects for public and private institutions providing the required classification.