Marcaser - Decoración de sala de estar

Decoration and interior design

We have joined to our team, trained qualified staff to carry out your project of interior design and decoration for both housing and commercial premises and offices.

Initially through direct contact with our clients, we identify their needs and tastes in order to achieve a detailed study both spaces to be distributed, as the definition of the necessary accessories facilities, furniture and complements.

Once this project with its budget is approved by the customer, we start its execution, which is done through a single contact, who is responsible for coordinating both decoration and general works, leaving the project finished, while complying with the highest satisfaction and final quality.

Marcaser - vivienda familiar

Quality housing

Specialized in entire building homes with high quality and always meeting deadlines.


Marcaser - teatro iluminado

Restoration and reforms

Marcaser work with the restoration and reforms of houses, buildings, industrial premises and commercial spaces.


Marcaser - Obra pública frente al mar

Urbanization and public Works

We develop public works projects for public and private institutions providing the required classification.