Marcaser - vivienda familiar

Marcaser, your company for home building

The design and execution for the construction of duplex houses, semi-detached, isolated, execution of buildings and construction of industrial premises, is not any problem for Marcaser company, because it has the necessary technical team to carry out any type of project from its design captured in a project, the license process and grants available, the execution of the work and the preparation of all necessary documentation to put the construction of the house in service.

Marcaser, as a construction company offers the execution of turnkey projects, but always maintaining a direct communication with the client, project supervisors and other agents involved in it, to get the job be as faithful as possible to the projected idea.

Marcaser - teatro iluminado

Restoration and reforms

Marcaser work with the restoration and reforms of houses, buildings, industrial premises and commercial spaces.


Marcaser - Decoración de sala de estar

Project designs

We perform all sorts of projects of integrated decoration, exterior and interior for both gene and businesses.


Public works

Marcaser - Obra pública frente al mar

Urbanization and public Works

We develop public works projects for public and private institutions providing the required classification.